Without Love

Anywhere in Greece. I found out that I’m part Greek.

I’m trying to finish Becca’s story now. Here’s Emma’s for your enjoyment.

Here’s the blurb–

perf5.000x8.000.inddCaterer Emma Cook isn’t having a good day. Pregnant at thirty-three by a rich and engaged man, she is forced to sign an agreement to keep the baby a secret. She’s more than willing. The sooner this is settled, the sooner the whole mess is behind her. Yet when she arrives for the meeting and spies Lucas Benjamin, her real trouble starts.

Luke’s life, since the death of his beloved wife, has been taking care of his older brother’s problems. So he’s not surprised when a lawyer contacts him with the details of his latest affair. What does surprise him is his reaction to the woman. Usually he just offers a large sum of money and the difficulty is resolved. But this isn’t so easy. This woman doesn’t want anything from the Benjamins, except to raise her child alone. An easy solution, so why isn’t Luke happy about it?

It’s too easy for both of them to let down their guard and trust. Can they overcome the fact that another man’s baby grows inside her? Will the closer she gets to her due date change everything?

And here’s more–

“Asshole,” Steph said. “Bastard gets you pregnant and then tells you to take care of it.”

God, she still couldn’t believe she was pregnant. Three years she and her ex-husband had tried to get pregnant, yet…nothing. She’d always thought she was the one at fault, until that…asshole picked her up at a bar. She could blame her old college roommates, or her ex-husband showing up with a very pregnant new wife, yet she didn’t. Only her own stupidity had her leaving with that man that night, and allowing him to return a dozen or so times.

Her mother touched her leg. “You’re better off without him, Emma.”

Yes, she agreed. But still– “How can a man not want his own child?”

Both women shrugged.

“All I wanted to do was let him know I was pregnant.” Anger roared unchecked through her system. She let it. “Yet he acted like I was going to sue him, or something.” Her arms tightened hard around her middle. “He has nothing to worry about on that issue. I don’t want him anywhere near my child.”

Here’s where to get the book

Amazon– https://www.amazon.com/Without-Love-Theresa-Stillwagon-ebook/dp/B079199M1Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518446482&sr=8-1&keywords=without+love+theresa+stillwagon

BN– https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/without-love-theresa-stillwagon/1127831414?ean=2940158724657

And the link directly from my publisher– https://shop.aer.io/TheWildRosePress/p/Without_Love/9781509219322-11180

Author: Theresa Stillwagon

Life is a journey, filled with ups and downs, lefts and rights. Life would be meaningless if it came to us easily. This is my story of a writer's life. Disappointment and rejection, learning and growing, never giving up. That is what my life means. Traditional romances with a Sensual Edge!

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